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Nutty for Nutella

world-nutella-dayToday is World Nutella Day. Don’t bother sending a card. All I want is one of those industrial-sized jars of this orgasm-inducing, hazelnut-chocolate nectar of the gods.

For an avowed lover of all things chocolate, it perplexes me that I didn’t discover Nutella until 2001. That’s when I lost my “virginity” after biting into a Nutella crêpe purchased at the corner of rue Monsieur le Prince and Boulevard St. Michel, near the Jardin du Luxembourg. Unlike my first time having sex, though, there was nothing awkward, painful or forgettable about it.

At first, Nutella became my Paris treat—something I could enjoy only during my visits to France. But at some point, Nutella crossed the Atlantic and made its way onto the shelves of my Miami supermarket. I brought my first jar home. It lasted all of 36 hours.

I’ve found various ways of enjoying Nutella at home, none of which involve crêpes (given my complete ineptitude in the kitchen). Nilla Wafers. Cuban torticas. Entemann’s Pound Cake. They were good, but not delicious. I only reached that level upon introducing Nutella to the Eggo® Mini Waffle. Spread a thick layer of Nutella between two little waffles, and you’ll have, like me, found the path to nirvana. Once, in a rare (but inspired) Martha Stewart-like moment, I sprinkled the tops of my Nutella sandwiches with powdered sugar and cocoa. I don’t know that it enhanced the flavor of the treats, but it sure looked pretty.

In honor of World Nutella Day, I had planned to make Nutella Mini Waffle Sandwiches and give them to my Miami friends. Sadly, there’s a waffle shortage in the U.S. and I haven’t been able to track down a single box of Eggo Minis. It’s not like the great Irish Potato Famine of 1845, but I do believe the lack of these waffles is a national crisis—although one not quite worthy of President Obama’s attention. Yet.

Still, I truly believe that the best Nutella delivery system (NDS) is the spoon. Stick it in a jar, pull out a thick clump and lick that spoon until it sparkles. Repeat as often as necessary—or until you realize that you’ve hit the bottom of the jar. That’s why I can no longer keep whole jars of Nutella in my home. Instead, I buy the little packets sold in gourmet markets when I’m in Miami, or the snack-size treats that come with cookie sticks sold in Paris supermarchés. I can do moderation most of the time, but never when it comes to Nutella.

Happy World Nutella Day, mes amis!


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2 Responses to “Nutty for Nutella”

  1. stephanie says:

    One of my favorite Nutella memory is, age 10, at the beach side in Corsica, there was a small grocery shop for the campers and they sold this mini container – like 60ml, with a mini spoon. You’d open the mini plastic container with the lid, get the spoons and swallow – always too quickly – the whole content, yum!

  2. Susan says:

    Yes, it is but not celebrating this year (on the blogs anyway). But remember to submit your post to the co-creator of World Nutella Day, Michele Fabio at Bleeding Espresso. Enjoy (I grew up with it. But it’s snowing in DC & I am not to be trusted with a jar of Nutella on my own.)


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